Monday, June 22, 2009

In Defense of Anxious Mothers

So, are you one of the moms who read everything you could about bringing up your baby while you were pregnant and then almost killed yourself trying to raise your child by the book? Did you agonize over the first tooth, tummy time, pincer action, potty training ...the list goes on? I remember having nightmares about why Peaches was not interested in all the stacking toys I was pushing at her when all the books agreed that she should be stacking like a pro. Well, turns out you need not have. A bunch of books is bashing all those theories and lauding what can perhaps be referred to as "sloppy parenting". Date nights as an escape from child driven days are pathetic, you should continue to be the center of your universe swirling in a maelstrom of passion while the kids get along as best as they can. Yes, it's time to escape the madness and pressure of trying to be a perfect mom but hey, why have a child if it is such a bother? I wonder how willing these cool parents would be if the caregivers they pay to do their child rearing were as cavalier in their approach.

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