Monday, July 28, 2008

Quality Time

As a stay at home mom , I often feel frustrated that I have to set the kids up with an activity in order to get the chores done. I feel I am losing out on quality time, precious fun moments with the kids.I console myself as I listen to their chatter, thinking that I will look back on these moments nostalgically later on. Yesterday we were waiting outside Peaches' dance class. Popcorn was "painting" her doll's toenails with accompanying commentary. I watched as Peaches went through the steps. It seemed strange to be observing her like this. Her expression changed as she focused and tried to learn the step and then , as she got it right and glided through the air,she broke into the happiest smile I have seen. That was a quality moment. I will always cherish that look on her face.
Another Popcorn crisis. She has scribbled on the title page of her library book. Peaches reported this with eye popping horror. Popcorn was summoned. She gave us a long look and said, "Well, I didn't write on the faces" and rested her case. This too, I shall always remember.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What we did this summer

We have spent the summer so far in a breathless rush. Friends and family came to visit, Peaches and Popcorn's room got a complete makeover, Peaches took a dance class, Popcorn settled down at preschool and finally, we tried to improve ourselves by visiting some of Washington D.C.'s great museums. The Natural History Museum with its alluring dinosaurs was a hit, lots of questions were asked, it was declared the "best museum ever". With some trepidation a visit was made to the National Gallery of Art. Other than being asked to leave an exhibition because Popcorn demanded food in her loudest voice and started nibbling some raisins she found in her stroller tray, that went well too. Peaches actually enjoyed looking at the paintings. Mommy felt a warm glow. The long train ride punctuated by monotonous chants of "how many more stations?", the trudging around a baking Mall were all worth it. Till the day the girls were asked to recount their favorite part of the trips. "Museum gift shop" said one. "Pepperoni pizza" said the other.