Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the Basics

The other day my friend and I were deep into a discussion about birthday plans for our children. We stopped abruptly when we realised that we were planning for events nine months away! That's how crazy the whole kids' birthday thing has become: the pressure to create a perfect (and expensive) fantasy experience for a child. Children too have become more demanding as they go their friends' extravaganzas and want the same for themselves. It was heartening to know, therefore, that in the current economic situation, birthdays too are being downsized. At last, some sanity. A chance to enjoy and celebrate without having to worry. Now all we have to do is break the news to the little angels themselves...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Look Who's Crafting....Paris Hilton!

Fresh from my V-day cards project I was surfing craft sites and looking for projects when I happened upon the news...Paris Hilton is launching a crafts line. In this tough economy everyone is looking to save a buck(not that Paris would know anything about that!), so crafts of all kinds are surging in popularity. Plus, making something always creates a warm glow which we could all do with right now. Early reports suggest its a colorful and "blingy" collection likely to entice the target teen crowd.The fact that she turned out for the launch in a Hello Kitty necklace will also help.And yes, I was wondering too, and it turns out she does actually scrapbook. If this catches on, we might all have her scrapbook kit on our holiday and birthday gift lists for the girls in our lives. Meanwhile, Peaches, Popcorn and I will rely on construction paper and glitter glue!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day...with a difference

Last night, after the girls were asleep, and I was taping red heart shaped lollipops on the nth card fairy valentine card,I paused to reflect. There was a time when two days before V-day I would have been reading restaurant and movie reviews, planning reservations and getting tickets. And now, here I am, the inner Momzilla unleashed." I will not buy into the ready to go Disney card and candy kits, I will help the kids to make thoughtful cards themselves". Well, Mommy learnt her lesson! Good luck getting a wriggly kid to sit down and hand make 30 cards. They did their best, scooped up their candy and disappeared into the basement while I finished making dinner, then put them to bed and was still working on their valentines. Jewellery and chocolates and candle light dinners are precious but Gloria the Hippo (from Madagascar) cards and enough sugary candy to turn your insides permanently pink....priceless!!